Finding Frogs and Salamanders: Amphibian Monitoring 2017

January 21st kicked off our 2017 Amphibian Monitoring trainings in partnership with Metro, Clean Water Services and Tualatin Hills Parks & Rec. Over the next two months, citizen science volunteers will be looking for Northern red-legged Frog, Northwestern salamander, Pacific chorus frog and long-toed salamander egg masses in their local wetlands. Presence of amphibians in

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We are Hiring! Associate Director

JOB TITLE: ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR REPORTS TO: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Wetlands Conservancy is seeking a full-time (40 hours/week) Associate Director to design, implement and oversee systems focused on efficient financial management and human resource management, office and operational management, regulatory compliance and organizational sustainability. Candidates should have a Bachelors degree or higher in public

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Wetland Gift Guide

It feels good to give loved ones awesome presents, especially gifts that benefit Oregon’s wetlands. Shop from the list below and your purchase will benefit not just your gifts recipient, but the work of The Wetlands Conservancy. Pack your sleeping bag, an adventurous spirit and join us for a weekend at Camp Westwind.  Located on

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