The American Beaver

The American Beaver may be the most iconic species in Oregon. Oregon’s early economy was built on the trade of beaver pelts. During the 1800s, demand for pelts was so high that fur trappers virtually eliminated the species from many landscapes through unregulated trapping. However, over time with changes in management and trapping regulations, beaver have re-established in many areas throughout their historic range. In 1969, the Oregon legislature recognized the American beaver by designating it as Oregon’s official State animal. The beaver is depicted on the Oregon State flag, and is the mascot of Oregon State University. Oregon is often referred to as the “Beaver State”.

Beaver Inspiration for the Aspiring Artist

OPB: “Portland Area Learns to Live with Beaver”

Animal Planet “Fooled by Nature: Beaver Dams”

beaver dam

Beaver dam

Watch beaver swimming underwater

Kellogg Creek Beaver Dam


Beaver Dam



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