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Volunteer group on the coastJoin us in a wetland this year! Imagine yourself up close with a beaver during a dam monitoring tour, planting native plants and discovering a frog or bird nest, or suiting up in a pair of chest waders to remove invasive plant species from a pond. If you love the outdoors, wildlife and great community we want you to help us restore our wetlands, no experience required! Everyone is welcome!

Throughout the year we organize restoration events for all to join. We also have opportunities for individual volunteers to assist with specific projects out in the wetlands and in our office. If you are interested in either of these opportunities please fill out our volunteer application at the top of the page!

Contact us to schedule your event today! Check our events calendar to find out about our next volunteer event!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are under 18, you must bring a waiver signed by a parent or guardian with you to the event. If you are under 16, you must ALSO do one of the following, bring your parent with you to the volunteer event OR bring a parent or chaperone for each group of four kids. If you are under 12, your parent or guardian must accompany you to the volunteer event

Come dressed for the weather and be prepared to get dirty. Sturdy long pants, long sleeved shirts, and tall waterproof boots, are a good idea all year round. For the winter months, rain coats, extra socks, and an extra dry layer to change into at the end of the day can be useful.

We do have a few boots to loan out in a variety of adult sizes if you don’t have your own pair.

In the summer, sunscreen, extra water, and a hat are a good idea to bring along. Other great things to bring if you have them on hand include binoculars, a magnifying loupe, or a camera.

We will provide tools, water (or tea in the winter) and snacks.

Water, of course! Some sections of our preserves may require careful crossing of large puddles of water, have deep muddy areas, and uneven ground. We also run into all kinds of organisms in the wetlands including prickly plants, bees, and beautiful birds.

Yes! We love water!

If you are interested in bringing a group of students or adults to volunteer we have several options and would love to work with you to create a valuable experience for your group.

We have the capacity to work with groups of 10-40 people to accomplish hands-on learning projects that are 2-3 hours long.

We have a variety of projects to choose from for all ages–mix and match to suit your fancy!

  • Invasive Species Removal (all year)
    Make room for native species by removing the invasive plants such as Armenian blackberry, English ivy, and Reed canarygrass.
  • Restoration Planting (fall-spring)
    Plant native shrubs and trees to provide erosion control, wildlife habitat, and shade for streams.
  • Litter Clean Up (all year)
    Spruce up a preserve by removing trash, and prevent it from being washed downstream.
  • Install bird boxes (all year)
    Give tree nesting birds a place to roost.
  • National Wetlands Month Photo Contest #mywetland

    All day

    photo contest

    May 1st is the kick-off of our National Wetlands Month Photo Contest!

    Photo contest submissions can be shared with us on FB/Instagram/Twitter or right here (Photo Submission form below). You could be the winner of our photo contest.


    What do you win? ….Your photo will be featured in our annual report, at our Wetlands & Wellies fundraiser and on all our social networks.


    We want to know why do you love wetlands? Send us a landscape, a close-up, some wildlife, native plants, your feet in the mud, your favorite bird watching spot and more!

  • Beaver Stories and Crafts

    10:00 am-12:00 pm

    1127 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    1127 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    Beaver Dam

    Seaside Library

  • Beaver Tales Art Exhibit Opens

    All day

    612 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    612 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    Beaver Movie Screening

    Fairweather Gallery and Beach Books hosts The Beaver Tales Art Exhibit throughout the month of May.

  • Rock Paper Turtle Art for Wetlands

    11:00 am-7:00 pm

    3151 Cottonwood Ct, West Linn, OR 97068, USA

    3151 Cottonwood Ct, West Linn, OR 97068, USA

    Join The Wetlands Conservancy and artists Jan Rimerman and Dave Haslett in celebrating National Wetlands Month 2017. Neptune Studios will be showcasing the work of Jan Rimerman, Dave Haslett, Larry Olson and Candace Wilson.

    25% of each sale goes directly to The Wetlands Conservancy for TWC Nyberg Preserve Western Pond Turtle habitat project.

  • Frances Backhouse Author of Once They Were Hats

    1:00 pm-3:00 pm

    616 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    616 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    Frances Backhouse

    Beavers, those icons of industriousness, have been gnawing down trees, building dams, shaping the land, and creating critical habitat in North America for at least a million years. Once one of the continent’s most ubiquitous mammals, they ranged from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Rio Grande to the edge of the northern tundra. Wherever there was wood and water, there were beavers — 60 million (or more) — and wherever there were beavers, there were intricate natural communities that depended on their activities. Then the European fur traders arrived.

    In Once They Were Hats, Frances Backhouse examines humanity’s 15,000-year relationship with Castor canadensis, and the beaver’s even older relationship with North American landscapes and ecosystems. From the waterlogged environs of the Beaver Capital of Canada to the wilderness cabin that controversial conservationist Grey Owl shared with pet beavers, Backhouse goes on a journey of discovery to find out what happened after we nearly wiped this essential animal off the map, and how we can learn to live with beavers now that they’re returning.

  • Beaver Tales Art Walk

    5:00 pm-7:00 pm

    Seaside, OR, United States

    Seaside, OR, United States

    Evening Art Walk in Seaside, Oregon  The evening Art Walk in Seaside, Oregon, will feature beavers at the Fairweather Gallery  and other locations in town, including  pop-up space devoted exclusively to beaver-themed art. Some of the art will be available through the summer, including smaller items like cards and prints.  The sale of art at this event will benefit the Wetlands Conservancy, Necanicum Watershed Council, and the North Coast Land Conservancy. Educational workshops will be hosted by local conservation groups.

  • Frances Backhouse Reading

    1:00 pm-3:00 pm

    SW Zoo Parking Rd, Portland, OR 97221, USA

    SW Zoo Parking Rd, Portland, OR 97221, USA

    Frances Backhouse

    Our state animal the American Beaver has played a significant role in our lives, since humans inhabited this continent. They have fed and clothed us, inspired spiritual beliefs and cultural traditions, driven the course of history, lent their name to countless landmarks and kept our water reservoirs charged.

    Bring your family and friends to hear Canadian Author Francis Backhouse’s stories about humanity’s 15,000-year relationship with American Beaver and their even older relationship with North American landscapes and ecosystems from her book Once They Were Hats: In Search of the Mighty Beaver.

    Click to RSVP

  • Margo Greeve – Author and Illustrator of Oregon’s Special Animals

    1:00 pm-3:00 pm

    616 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    616 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    Beach Books hosts Margo Greeve author and illustrator of Oregon’s Special Animals.

  • Film Screening, “Leave it to Beavers”

    6:00 pm-9:00 pm

    851 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    851 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    Join us for a screening of PBS’s “Leave it to Beavers” at Seaside Brewing Company.

  • Beaver Ecology – Neal Maine

    7:00 pm-8:00 pm

    601-609 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    601-609 Broadway St, Seaside, OR 97138, USA

    @608 Broadway, Seaside Oregon


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