10th Annual Citizen Science Marbled Murrelet Survey

Join the 10th annual Marbled Murrelet citizen science survey on a spectacular stretch of Oregon’s coast near Yachats, Oregon. Come help scientist track the nesting success of this robin-sized, diving seabird that feeds primarily on fish and invertebrates, and nests in forest stands up to 50 miles inland.

Oregon State University ornithologist and Marbled Murrelet expert Kim Nelson and TWC’s Coastal Land Steward Paul Englemeyer will lead the surveys. Surveys for the endangered Marbled Murrelets will be done within the recently designated ‘Globally Significant’ Central Coast Murrelet Important Bird Area, with 100,000 acres of Murrelet habitat in the Siuslaw National Forest and adjacent near-shore waters. TWC’s central coast preserves are being managed to support Marbled Murrelet.

Participants will  view and discuss old-growth forest habitat as well as the recently designated Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve and Seabird Protection Area. During the early morning surveys, Murrelets will be seen and/or heard on breeding territories and in their near-shore feeding areas.

No prior experience or bird watching training necessary. To RSVP and more detailed information click here.

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