Monthly Archives: March 2015

8th grade scientists in Coos Bay love their amphibians

Master Watershed Stewards from Marshfield High School spent two afternoons this winter learning about amphibians and being trained to identify and monitor their presence based on adults and egg masses surveyed in the wetland. Many thanks to our partner, the Coos Watershed Association for leading this study on our Matson Creek Preserve in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Check

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Old Christmas trees provide habitat for juvenile salmon

The Wetlands Conservancy teams up with local fishing groups and ODFW to help juvenile salmon and steelhead. Toledo, Oregon- 2/22/2015 After a record breaking year for salmon returns, local fishermen from the U-Da-Man and Longview Hills Fishing Clubs teamed up with The Wetlands Conservancy and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in hopes of

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Find your wetland spirit plant on one of our preserves!

Which wetland plant are you?   All of the wetland plants have personalities, just like each of our preserves!  Come out and experience first-hand just how special wetlands are through the personalities of unique wetland plants!   Horsetail— The Old Soul Are you loyal, dependable, and humble?  If so, you are a horsetail.  This ancient plant

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