Monthly Archives: January 2017

Finding Frogs and Salamanders: Amphibian Monitoring 2017

January 21st kicked off our 2017 Amphibian Monitoring trainings in partnership with Metro, Clean Water Services and Tualatin Hills Parks & Rec. Over the next two months, citizen science volunteers will be looking for Northern red-legged Frog, Northwestern salamander, Pacific chorus frog and long-toed salamander egg masses in their local wetlands. Presence of amphibians in

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We are Hiring! Associate Director

JOB TITLE: ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR REPORTS TO: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Wetlands Conservancy is seeking a full-time (40 hours/week) Associate Director to design, implement and oversee systems focused on efficient financial management and human resource management, office and operational management, regulatory compliance and organizational sustainability. Candidates should have a Bachelors degree or higher in public

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