2018 Photo Contest Winners

Photo Category: Furry Not So Furry Friends

White-faced-Ibis, Kay Scheurer Steele

White-faced Ibis, Kay Scheurer Steele

“I was volunteering at Malheur, engaging guests at the Visitor’s Center during April and May. At least a few times people asked me what are those large flocks of birds with the long bills? “They look really black!”  I would respond that they are describing the White-faced Ibis, but if they could see them up close and with good light those birds define “color”.  So, the next time I encountered them at Benson Pond just before sunset, I went to work to try to capture their beauty. One male started doing all kinds of display behavior. You see the result. It’s mind blowing how colorful this species is, I couldn’t miss capturing something remarkable – just framed it there and recorded it with a click. The bird did all the work to show off it glorious self!”– Kay Scheurer Steele

Photo Category: Emerging Leader

Once upon a log, Lila McCombs

Once upon a log, Lila McCombs

Interview with Lila:

How old are you?
Why do you like to spend time outside in nature?
Because I like it so much. It makes me feel good.
What is something that you really like to do outside?
Play. I mean explore.
What were you doing when you took the picture?
Taking pictures all the time.
What would you tell other kids/adults to help them want to get outside and explore?
It’s really fun outside, you will love it!

Photo Category: Lovely Landscape


Lake-in-the-Dunes Summer Lake, Bill Marshall

Lake-in-the-Dunes Summer Lake, Bill Marshall


Bill Marshall contributed to our Beaver Tales Art Show, which traveled throughout the state in 2017.  He submitted several photos to this years competition.  Upon learning that he had won, he quickly responded that he had not only take this amazing photo but also painted it!  (see below).


Lake in the Dunes Summer Lake, Bill Marshall

Lake in the Dunes Summer Lake, Bill Marshall

Photo Category: Beautiful Botanicals

Wocus-Blossom-on-a-Wetlands-Pond, Russel Tomlin (1)

Wocus-Blossom-on-a-Wetlands-Pond, Russel Tomlin

“I took this shot on the Beaver Pond at the Elijah Bristol State Park just west of Dexter.  There is a simple trail, running most of the way around the pond, shared with both foot and equestrian traffic, though I met only one other walker while I was there.  I came to this park precisely to see what I might find on this pond.  It was quiet and still, with drifting mallards and small birds flitting about.  But what captured my eye was this wocus blossom sitting out near a fallen tree about 20 yards into the pond.  One theme of my work is to look for beauty in the ordinary, for small, wondrous moments tucked away and not readily seen.  Our wetlands in Oregon offer many such moments, whether you are looking for birds or other animals or for moments of simple beauty revealed by an expansive array of blossoming flora.” -Russel Tomlin 




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