Volunteer Opportunity: Visit a Wetland for Us!

We are in need of some help!  

May is American Wetlands month and we want to help people get out into wetlands.  Our big idea is to create a “wetland passport”for 10 easy to visit wetlands in the Portland area.  For each of the wetlands we would like to have a picture, three types of plants to find (easy to identify) and something unique to find at the wetland (left to your interpretation).  Would you like to help?

Here is the list of wetlands that we need to visit:

Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve

Fernhill Wetland Preserve

Smith and Bybee Wetlands Natural Area

Camassia Natural Area

Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge

Clackamas Community College Environmental Learning Center

Howell Territorial Park

Mary S Young Park

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Sandy River Delta Thousand Acres

We need to have all the information returned to us by April 1st!

If you would like to help with this effort please email Kendra Manton: kendramanton@wetlandsconservancy.org .  In your email please tell us which wetland you would like to visit and Kendra will send you a form to fill out while you enjoy your time wondering around!


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Opportunity: Visit a Wetland for Us!

  1. Laura A Rost says:

    Hi, I live near Minthorn North Natural Area in Milwaukie and I am interested in volunteering if there are any work parties this year.

    1. Kendra Manton says:

      We don’t have any events planned right now, but you should check to see if North Clackamas Watershed Clackamas Council does!

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