Affected Generation

Since fourth grade taking action on climate change has been my passion. Although I am still a Freshman, my climate activism has changed from a simple blog to my co-founded organization Affected Generation. For the past years, I have worked alongside Jeremy Clark to be leaders and organize some of the largest youth climate events around Oregon. Working with organizations like Our Climate, Citizens Climate Lobby and Renew Oregon I have taken advocacy on the political side of climate change to get effective climate legislation passed here in our beautiful state. Clean Energy Jobs, is a carbon cap and trade bill that would have the largest top-down effect on Oregon’s carbon emissions while reinvesting hundreds of millions in everything from poor communities to renewable energy job training programs.

I have been to Washington D.C., San Francisco, Stockholm Sweden and other places to work on every part of the climate crisis. Now, I am using visual storytelling to engage youth through short films and videos, while running an organization to put the youth voice at the forefront of climate legislation and advocacy. Affected Generation was the main organizer behind Portland’s Student Climate Strike and at over 3,000 people it ended up being one of the largest in the nation, showing the strength in our city. I am doing as much as I can to let my generation, the affected generation get our voices heard.

This is our future, so this is our fight.

-Charlie Abrams

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