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Beaver Trapping in Oregon Alert

Did you know that beavers are still hunted and trapped across the state?  Beavers are a natural part of Oregon’s streams and wetlands, and our state animal. Beaver dams are a marvel of engineering, that maintain critical ecosystem infrastructure. They are key to helping address Oregon’s water security, and fish and wildlife habitat needs. Beavers

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To The Wetlands Conservancy Friends and Supporters

Happy May–American Wetlands Month! How fitting that my first day as the Executive Director of The Wetlands Conservancy was May 1st. I write this to you all only a few days into my tenure with The Wetlands Conservancy, and already I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead this amazing organization into the next chapter! Many

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American Wetlands Month Photo Contest – May 1-31

American Wetlands Month reminds us to appreciate our neighborhoods, communities and state. Even while sheltering at home, photographers find ways to capture the beauty of nature. This year we will feature backyard nature photography as one of our categories. Take a moment to find the beauty and diversity close to home, or in a wetland

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It’s Time To Try Carp

With 50 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our ocean and the total number of fish in the sea half of what is was in 1970, is can be daunting to understand good ways to be a consumer of seafood. Wetlands & Wellies has always been a celebration of wetlands delicious bounty, but with changing

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