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Artist Work for 2021 Rock…Paper…Turtle exhibit

Debby Neely

Green Mountain Studio | 360-225-8909 | dneely@wa-net.com Artists Process Statement I do woodcuts because I love the strong graphic design and opportunity to make the play of positive and negative spaces a very important design element. I like to do line work and combine it with large graphic shapes. A common design element I depend on is

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Candace Van Beveren-Wilson

Artists Statement I work out of my studio in Damascus Oregon, located in the foothills of beautiful Mt. Hood. I am a retired graphic artist still in love with printing, but in a new form, on clay. I love making buttons, pins, pendants, shawl pins and ornaments with a lot of fun textures. I also

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Jim Wylder

The Viewcrest Studio | Lake Oswego, OR 97034  |  503-636-3121  |   wyldart@comcast.net Artists Statement Jim was born in Portland and fell in love with art at an early stage. He followed a BFA and MST with a career in teaching art. His middle school and high school students kept him busy designing art lessons for thirty-four

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Jan Rimerman

Artists Statement “The patterns on the turtle shells and bodies are from my imagination. As I was drawing them, the patterns and colors reminded me of countries and cultures I have experienced. Each colored pencil turtle drawing is entitled “Turtle,” but in the language of the represented country. Some illustrated turtles are land turtles with

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