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Note from Ann Witsil: Breathe Deeply with Oregon’s Wetlands and Estuaries

Photo by Kiana Rose Dear Friends, As the world faces unknowns and sequesters, Oregon’s wetlands, estuaries and waterways endure. They are working hard, despite challenges, to provide clean, diverse, healthy habitats for our salmon, beaver, shellfish, birds and for us. Serving as natural, purifying filters and respirators, they foster life above, below, around and within.

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Note from Ann Witsil: Vigilance, Resilience, and Re-Focus

Dear Friends, If nothing else, February has reverberated with themes of Vigilance, Resilience, and Re-Focus! From significant federal changes impacting critical clean water laws and reduced EPA protections of vital wetlands and estuaries to challenged state legislative agendas and threatened walkouts – being resilient and vigilant is and will continue to be our call to action.

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Notes from Interim Executive Director Ann Witsil

Dear Wetlands Conservancy Friends, Supporters, and Colleagues! The Wetlands Conservancy eagerly enters 2020 and this next decade with new leadership, strategic vision and focused impact. Since October, I have toured and re-appreciated the unique beauty and vital resources of Oregon’s coastal estuaries and inland wetlands, guided by the expert perspectives of staff members, Paul Engelmeyer and Megan Garvey. I have been impressed

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This Month: Amphibian Egg Mass Survey Training

This Month: Amphibian Egg Mass Survey Training Participate for the most popular citizen scientist event of the year….Amphibian Egg Mass Surveys!Sign up now for training to participate in this statewide survey to assess the health of our wetlands. To take part in this community science program you will need to attend our INDOOR Amphibian Egg Mass Survey Training on

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Beavers and Wildfire: A Stop-motion Story by Emily Fairfax

Fires raging in Australia have us thinking about fire season here in Oregon. Check out this amazing stop-motion animation that demonstrates beavers’ fine firefighting skills. “A new study…suggests that beavers may be protecting life around streams, thanks to their signature dams. Satellite images from five major wildfires in the United States revealed that corridors around

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