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A Promise Made True

Freida Fuller made a promise to her husband before he died that she would save the large trees at their Beaver Creek home. Frieda sought out TWC’s Paul Engelmeyer who introduced her to Oregon State Parks. In 2011, Oregon State Parks created a life estate for Freida and her second husband George Ehlers. Today, George

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The Volunteer Effect

12 Oregon State University students spent a day working at The Wetlands Conservancy Starr Creek Oxbow in Alsea Bay Preserve.   It was sobering to see the amount of trash littered throughout the forest and Alsea Bay shores. After finding a lone flip flop about every 100 feet as well as Styrofoam bits even more

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Out and About with Mary Anne Sohlstrom

Harney County April 2014 Did you miss the migration to Harney County/ Pacific Flyway/Malheur Wildlife Refuge? The remote southeast corner of the state, the Oregon Closed Lakes Basin is part of the Northern Great Basin eco-region. Vegetation in most of the Basin is dominated by a variety of dry sagebrush, greasewood, juniper, and grassland communities.

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