Earth Day 2020

Earth Day view of Mt. Hood

Did your planned outing for Earth Day 2020 get cancelled?

Check out this list of activities that you can do with your family at home, or in your neighborhood.

  • Put on your “Bob the Builder” cap, and find a plan for a birdhouse you can build.
  • Have a camp-out in your yard. If it’s warm enough, setting up a tent in your yard. Appreciating the stars, bird songs, and lovely spring weather can get you in touch with nature.
  • Create a rain gauge. Set out a cup in an unsheltered location and monitor how much rain has fallen, and next thing you know you’ll be cheering for more rain in Oregon.
  • Create a nature journal and record what you see. Learning to look closely at native plants and animals will give you an appreciation for the diversity of life – just in your own back yard.
  • Hang a bird feeder and count the birds.

Nature is all around us, use time away from your regular activities to reengage with the earth.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Make it one that really counts!