As The Year Ends, a Letter from our Director

Dear Friends and Supporters,

While wetlands are adaptable by their nature, threats like climate change, rising sea levels sprawl and competing water uses may be more than they can withstand.

Without healthy wetlands
* We lose natural resiliency that create refuges of green during droughts.
* The oysters, crab and salmon won’t have the clean water and habitat they need to thrive.
* Estuary habitat will disappear, reducing the biological diversity we value.
* Communities that depend on wetlands for their economic health will decline.
* Our basements may flood more often.

We’re in a position to keep Oregon’s greatest wetlands healthy.
And with your support we can do the work that is needed.

You know that wetlands are the epitome of resilience. When water levels rise, they absorb and store the excess water, filtering it before releasing it. As individuals and communities, we need to be resilient in the face of climate change and its consequences. We must protect our wetlands so they can help protect US!

With your help, The Wetlands Conservancy will:
* Conserve our critical water land connections and the roles they play in cleaning and recharging our water supply.
* Preserve the vibrant coastal communities near Yaquina Estuary and Alsea Bay that bring us fresh seafood.
* Protect the undisturbed tidal marsh complexes in the Yaquina Estuary, connecting critical habitats for the elusive and endangered Marbled Murrelet.
* Strategize with local landowners to produce creative solutions for water management in the Harney Basin.


Your gift to The Wetlands Conservancy will help sustain ongoing community partnerships. These partnerships – all across Oregon – result in people making the connection between healthy wetlands and their quality of life and safety.

Your support will help us protect vulnerable ecosystems and vulnerable species as we all learn to navigate climate change

The year ahead is full of plans, dreams and projects – some involving conservation, others focused on restoration and others on building partnerships to address the complex challenges of living with water. Our top priorities:

* Protect 500 more acres of Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands.
* Implement new strategies to conserve water in High Desert Wetlands.
* Tell the story of wetlands and the critical role they play in climate change resiliency.
* Promote the importance of beaver and their central role in resuscitating our wetland and riparian stream habitats as we prepare for the changes that a warming climate may bring.

Your investment in these projects will leave a legacy of wetlands stewardship and instill a commitment to stewardship in future generations.

Not everyone understands the value of these complicated ecosystems. But you do. That’s why we’re counting on you to make a generous year-end gift that will sustain the magical landscapes that sustain us.

Thanks for your commitment to our state’s greatest wetlands.

In cooperation,

Esther Lev
Executive Director

P.S. Your contribution of $100, $250 or $500 will help us conserve and restore 250 acres in the Central Coast, 100 acres of Willamette Valley prairie wetlands, and vulnerable property in Malheur. Send your gift today!

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