Weekend at Westwind


At Just north of Lincoln City

$150/person or $450/family of four

Join TWC staff, board and friends for a weekend at Camp Westwind, a 529 acre camp set in the middle of the Cascade Head UN Biosphere Reserve in Oregon.  Nestled below Cascade Head on the Salmon River estuary, this private camp is impossible to visit on your own! 

Stroll more than a mile of unspoiled ocean beach. Observe the natural estuary and marshlands abundant with wildlife.  Play in the sand.  Explore deep rain forests. Meander through coastal headland meadows. Explore marine life in tide pools.  Discover hidden lakes and bubbling streams.  The weekend will offer guided interpretive walks, structured activities and free time to explore. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to visit this magical place for winter weekend of camp fun.

What to Expect: Our staff and visiting experts will be offering a diversity of activities both indoors and outdoors.  Many of our discussions will be on the trail, in the estuary and up in the meadows. Some topics we plan to explore:

-The current health and state of the Salmon River Estuary

-The history of the mysterious Marbled Murrelet

-Why the Oregon Silver Spot Butterfly loves Cascade Head

-The story of Salmon in the Salmon River

-and many more

This is a family friendly event with kids activities.  Our staff are environmental educators and plan to help your kids fall in love with wetlands.  We are planning a morning of frog catching, ghost shrimping, and hopefully beaver dam exploration.  

Evening programs will be cozy presentations, discussion, storytelling and music.  Bring your appetite as the food will be bountiful and delicious.  

All activities are optional, if you would like to come and play games, read, walk the beach and lounge in the lodge we would still love to host you in this incredible place!

Westwind is a camp with rustic cabins we will do our best to give you private accomodations but you may need to share your space.  We will ask for your help in meal set-up and cleanup and cleaning of communal space upon exit. 

When: Friday 3pm February 26th- Sunday 1 pm February 28th

Where to meet: Westwind is located on the Oregon Coast just north of Lincoln City on Highway 101. 


11 thoughts on “Weekend at Westwind

  1. Laura Krebs says:

    Sounds great! Any vegan options for meals?

    1. Kendra Manton says:

      Yes! There will be vegan options for sure! Hope to see you there.

  2. Cee says:

    Is there electricity in the cabin for a cpap? and gluten free food options? thanks

    1. Kendra Manton says:

      Yes, there is electricity in the cabins. There is one outlet in each cabin so that should not be a problem. We will have gluten free food options!

  3. Tree says:

    My his and and I are very interested. It mentions we may have to share our space. How does that work? What are the beds like? We have friends that are interested as well. If there are 2 beds per cabin can we requests to share?

    Thanks so much very excited!

    1. Kendra Manton says:

      Hi! The cabins have bunk beds and hold about 5 people (more if we need to).Yes you can most definitely request to share a cabin, when you register please mention the people that you want to be in a cabin with. We would love to have you. Please let me know if you have further questions.

  4. Pearl says:

    Hi there, we need to work on Friday but are very interested in joining. If we arrive late (7 to 8pm) on Friday February 26th, can we still participate in the camp? Thanks!

    1. Kendra Manton says:

      Hi Pearl,
      That is possible, we have a late arrival time of 7pm on Friday or 9am on Saturday. I have closed registration but depending on how many are in your party I might be able to fit you in. Please let me know ASAP.


  5. Paula Brottman says:

    Hi Kendra,
    I just found out about the weekend and am interested in coming but I see the registrations is closed. Is there room for a single, just me?

  6. Kaylan Dorsch says:

    Will you offer this program again this year or again next February? I am very interested in attending!

    1. Kendra Manton says:

      We hope to offer it yearly, sign-up for our e-newsletter and get the updates on all our tours! We still have more tours this spring!

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