Goodbye Mary Anne and John!

In December TWC said goodbye to office manager Mary Anne Sohlstrom and GIS analyst John Bauer.  Both will be missed for the skills and passion for wetlands that they brought to the organization.

After more than 21 years at TWC Mary Anne Sohlstrom will spend more time doing the things she loves most, birding and camping!  Over the years, if you called the TWC office, requested materials or received mailings Mary Anne, has been the voice on the phone. We will miss Mary Anne’s institutional memory of TWC history and details.  We wish her well on her mission to find the last 5 birds needed for her Oregon bird list to reach 400!

Thanks to John Bauer, after nearly 10 years of collecting data, analyzing data and making maps, TWC’s Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands and Oregon Conservation and Restoration Prioritization Tool are complete. John’s passions and artistry lie in creating maps and visuals to tell the story of landscape status and trends, change overtime and conservation successes and opportunities. Last year launched a partnership with LightHawk to document the King Tides on the Oregon coast which we repeated again this December and January.  John has left the world of wetlands to help some of the same coastal communities prepare for changes and natural events using flood and multi-hazard modeling with GIS related products for The Department of Geology and Mining Industries.  We will miss John’s wit, enthusiasm and knowledge in the day to day, but smile continuing to see how his TWC work result in conservation and restoration of more and more of Oregon’s Greatest wetlands.

One thought on “Goodbye Mary Anne and John!

  1. Barbara Secrest says:

    I absolutely LOVE the King tides video. I have watched it over and over. What a wonderful tool for education and visceral impact. Not just a computer generated “what if” projection, but a real life look at what a rising sea level looks like. When “King tide” becomes the norm, this is what Yaquina Estuary will look like.
    Thanks for all of your wonderful work. Love you TWC!

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