Hidden Treasures in Trash

After three hours of chainsaws running, removal of debris and raking, there is a clear trail running along the estuary at our Lincoln County preserve.  Thanks to our great partners, in particular Christine Klapp and Derek Wilson, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Lincoln County staff, Mid-Coast Watershed Council for organizing both materials and people.  This trail enabled the work party to remove trash from the far reaches of the slough.  Together approximately 2 tons of trash was removed, including 43 tires, Styrofoam, broken docks, plastic wrap and more.

In the midst of clearing a trail, hauling and boating out heavy trash a discovery was made, native oysters living on old tires.  Based on our partner Liu Xin, owner of Oregon Oyster assumption, these native oysters could be 10 years old.  A true story of resilience of native species, providing a great reminder about nature’s adaptability as we grapple with the effects of ocean acidification on our shellfish industry.

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