Mosquitoes in the Summer


Are you thinking about mosquitoes as you plan your summer adventures and outings? Do wetlands mean there will be more mosquitoes? Not necessarily. A healthy, flourishing wetland often provides many natural predators of mosquitoes.  Birds, bats, fish, amphibians, dragonflies, and copepods all feed on mosquitoes in their various life stages.  Oftentimes, artificial containers (pet bowls, kid toys, tires, wheelbarrows, etc.) are more attractive to mosquitoes due to decreased water disruption and predators.  What many people don’t realize is that only female mosquitoes bite.  The protein provides nutrients for their eggs.  Additionally, not all mosquitoes bite humans.  Like people, different species prefer different hosts (humans, birds, amphibians, etc).  You could be surrounded by mosquitoes and not get a single bite!  Regardless of where the mosquitoes near you are coming from, or who they are targeting, remember to protect yourselves from them by wearing long sleeves, avoiding the outdoors during dusk and dawn, and using mosquito repellent. Happy summer!

-Kelsey Spears, Bureau of Environmental Services


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