Newell Creek Headwaters Restoration

The headwaters of Newell Creek are located at the Environmental Learning Center on Clackamas Community College Oregon City campus. Newell Creek makes its way to the Willamette through 1,800 acres of intact green space, the largest in the South Portland metro area.  Newell Creek Canyon is home to deer, Pacific wren, pileated woodpeckers, varied thrush, coyotes and northern red-legged frogs. Native coho salmon, steelhead trout and Pacific lamprey can be found in the namesake creek.

The 5 acre restoration project will redevelop the site into a regionally important outdoor learning laboratory and demonstration area to showcase innovations in storm water management, native habitat restoration and sustainable living practices. Watch the Environmental Learning Center website for project updates and engagement opportunities.

TWC is excited to be a part of the site restoration and new education opportunities. To celebrate we are partnering with Clackamas Community College to hold Wetlands & Wellies 2016 at the Environmental Learning Center


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