Note from Ann Witsil: Breathe Deeply with Oregon’s Wetlands and Estuaries

Marsh Photo with birds

Photo by Kiana Rose

Dear Friends,

As the world faces unknowns and sequesters, Oregon’s wetlands, estuaries and waterways endure. They are working hard, despite challenges, to provide clean, diverse, healthy habitats for our salmon, beaver, shellfish, birds and for us. Serving as natural, purifying filters and respirators, they foster life above, below, around and within. They nurture microorganisms, grasses and nutrient-rich sediment. Their health supports our health.

Stay connected! Take an independent tour of some of Oregon’s metro wetlands guided by TWC’s “wetlands passport”. Share with neighbors, friends and colleagues Wetlands Passport.

Enjoy these videos (on beavers and one of Oregon’s wetland regions. http://habitat.psmfc.org/living-with-beaver.

Oregon’s wetlands and estuaries are breathing and busy supporting new life. We cannot live without them; they cannot survive without our active helpful engagement.

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The Wetlands Conservancy Team

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