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From our Executive Director

Dear Friends and Wetland Supporters, I hope this finds you well in these challenging times, and that you have been able to find some solace spending time outside. As we approach our 40th anniversary, we are coming together to find new and innovative ways to continue our work of wetland protection and restoration.  As development and climate change impact our landscapes in Oregon, I ask you today to commit to the effort to conserve and restore Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands.

Now more than ever, wetland protection is becoming increasingly urgent. As we build our strategic plan for the future, we need to make sure that communities across Oregon are aware of the value of wetlands to ensure the biodiversity that our state enjoys and the protections to communities that wetlands provide.

Wetlands offer refuge

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The Wetlands Conservancy is planning a virtual fundraising event on November 13th. The event, THWACK! A Celebration of Wetlands and their Natural Engineers, includes:

  • a week-long online auction from November 9 through 15th
  • a special screening of Beaver Believers – A story of perseverance in the face of climate change
  • a live discussion with our Executive Director Katie Ryan, and filmmaker Sarah Koenigsberg

The live discussion and film screening will be on Friday, November 13th at 6:30 p.m.

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Boots in the Wetlands

Drone launched to collect data on beaver lodge and dam locations
Hedges Creek Wetlands

Beaver Survey crew

On Monday, October 5th, 2020, Nick Wagner with Foresight Drones joined The Wetlands Conservancy staff and a group of volunteers to look for beaver activity in Hedges Creek wetland in Tualatin, Oregon. Nick captured some aerial videography of our crew on the ground, and also conducted a drone-based mapping survey of a 5 acre section of the wetland that can be used for planning, monitoring, and outreach.

Nick’s work provided The Wetlands Conservancy with a unique perspective on the area of marsh that was surveyed.
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