Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands Tours

Willamette Valley Wet Prairies Tour

“It was hard to believe I had never seen a native wetland prairie in all my years in Oregon.  The many flowering plants and native grasses were beautiful and I learned a lot about the challenges of managing these areas and assuring diversity for not only plants but fish and wildlife too.” -Fran Recht


Willamette Valley wet prairies are among the most endangered habitat types in the state of Oregon, and among the rarest of North America ecosystems. Come tour Evergreen Wetlands, approximately 1.5 miles south of Philomath with wetland banker Ray Fiori and TWC Executive Director, Esther Lev. Over the past 12 years Ray and Oregon Wetlands LLC have restored 175 acres of Willamette Valley wetlands, with significant prairie habitat.  Prior to restoration of the wetland, the site was in agricultural production.  Eleven years later, the site is dominated by native wetland plants, including some rare species, and turned the wetlands into a tapestry of color and texture.  Bring your binoculars, as the fauna is just as diverse as the flora. Today the restored rye grass field qualifies as an Oregon’s Greatest wetland.


WHAT: All day tour includes transportation from Portland and lunch.

WHEN: June 4th, 2019

COST: $80 (minimum of 5, maximum of 14 people)


 Central Coast Watersheds and Wetland Tour


“The coastal tour was great.  We traversed from sea to summit and back again.  Our knowledgeable guides fed us breakfast near the estuary and snacks by the river.  As a professional engineer specializing in aquatic habitat restoration, I witnessed great restoration projects and saw plenty of opportunities for more. We covered a huge variety of crucial topics from endangered salmon and marbled murrelets to conservation, forest management, marine reserves, and local ocean harvest techniques.  We sampled oysters from Yaquina and fish from just off the coast.  A day well spent!” -Daniel Elephant


Tour The Wetlands Conservancy’s Central Coastal Initiative Area (Yaquina estuary, Beaver Creek, and Alea Bay) with TWC Coastal Steward Paul Engelmeyer and Executive Director Esther Lev. This is an all day tour and includes lunch and ends with a social hour with TWC coastal partners.  The tour will start in Newport, Oregon.


What: Full day tour of TWC’s central coast properties, includes lunch and  dinner

When: February 2, 2019

Cost: $80 per person.



Spring Malheur Birding Tour
Sold Out

Join TWC Executive Director Esther Lev on a springtime tour of Malheur Wildlife refuge an 187,757 acre oasis of water in the high desert of southeast Oregon. This area is one of the premier sites for birds and birding in the US. These arid Oregon’s greatest wetlands provide livelihoods for farmers and ranchers, and critical habitat for large diversity of avian, plant and amphibian species. The spring birding is about both abundance and diversity, which makes the experience equally enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. Learn about TWC’s work with the refuge, ranchers and other conservation groups to conserve these critical wetlands. This 1.5 day tour includes lunch and ends with dinner at the Diamond Hotel.

What: 1.5 day tour of Malheur Wildlife Refuge

When: May 17 – 18th 2019

Bring: Comfortable clothing, shoes, snacks

Cost: $150/pp, includes dinner at the Diamond Hotel



Refund Policy:

*Cancellations, if you need to cancel

 Less than 3 weeks before the trip    Full refund

14- 20 days before the trip                50% refund

13 days or less                                  No refund