Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands

Grab your kayak, rubber boots, binoculars and camera and visit an OGW today! There are hundreds of wetlands around Oregon, find a new wetland near you.

Oregon has lost over half of the wetlands present when the first settlers arrived in the 1800’s. To ensure that the remaining wetlands are conserved, The Wetlands Conservancy (TWC) launched the Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands Project ten years ago. The project goal was to assist TWC in setting land conservation and restoration goals and coordinate statewide conservation efforts to preserve and enhance these biologically important wetlands. Over the past ten years, we have identified and mapped the wetlands, collected ecological information, identified potential threats and worked closely with local communities, land trusts, watershed councils and state resource managers to build local stewardship to acquire and restore these wetlands. TWC has partnered with the Institute for Natural Resources (INR) to host the OGW map and database on the Oregon Wetlands explorer. The Wetlands Explorer provides tools for better collaborations, partnerships and information exchanges that will result in successful conservation of important wetland resources.