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TWC is dedicated to the protection and restoration of Oregon’s greatest wetlands. Nationally, 35 percent of all rare and endangered species depend on wetlands. As wetland habitat is destroyed, the number of species threatened with extinction increases. Gone are many of the species that inhabited these lost wetlands. This elevates the importance of the remaining wetlands. Working with local communities, including public and private sector partners, we have conserved some of Oregon’s greatest wetlands within Yaquina Estuary, Beaver Creek, Alsea Estuary, Closed Lakes Basin and the Willamette Valley. TWC owns and stewards 32 preserves that include more than 1500 acres across Oregon.

Stories of Conservation

Clean Water Act: Major Rule Change Alert

On Monday June 22nd, through a rollback of the 2015 “Waters of the United States” rule, many wetlands and waterways across the country were stripped of federal protection including some…

Beaver Trapping in Oregon Alert

Did you know that beavers are still hunted and trapped across the state?  Beavers are a natural part of Oregon’s streams and wetlands, and our state animal. Beaver dams are…

Katie Ryan rowing

To The Wetlands Conservancy Friends and Supporters

Happy May–American Wetlands Month! How fitting that my first day as the Executive Director of The Wetlands Conservancy was May 1st. I write this to you all only a few days…

Photo Contest Announcement

American Wetlands Month Photo Contest – May 1-31

American Wetlands Month reminds us to appreciate our neighborhoods, communities and state. Even while sheltering at home, photographers find ways to capture the beauty of nature. This year we will…

Earth Day 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 is Earth Day, Make it one that counts!

It’s Time To Try Carp

With 50 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our ocean and the total number of fish in the sea half of what is was in 1970, is can be daunting…

Cows in Harney County flooded field

2019 Harney Basin Wet Meadow Plant Survey Musing

Full of images of cows being boated from one field to another during the April floods in Harney County, we thought as we prepped for our week in the field, that we might see robust and tall wetland grasses and sedges under water in the Silvies floodplain wet meadows.


New Video: Bridgeport Elementary at Nyberg Wetland

Megan Garvey, TWC Urban Land Steward, spends the month of May in classrooms and wetlands with 4th and 5th graders.  The students first learn about beavers in the classroom with…

Carli Creek

A Cleaner Clackamas River

The Carli Creek project is a water quality facility on a 15 acre-patch of land in unincorporated Clackamas County wedged between industrial properties and the Clackamas River. Named after the…

Can You Deceive a Beaver? Sometimes!!

There is a lot of talk right now about living with beaver in urban landscapes.  Beavers are helping to store water in drought times and build habitat for many of…