In the early 1900’s Oregon was lined with prolific wild Olympia oyster populations, but as Oregon’s population grew and human impacts such as hydraulic mining, paper mills and over harvesting took place Oregon’s native oysters nearly became extinct. Pacific oysters, from Japan, were introduced to our estuaries and are the predominant oyster most people are familiar with in the Northwest. Healthy native Olympia oyster populations improve water quality, sequester carbon, and provide food and refuge for fish and crabs, enhancing the ecosystem around them. We have partnered with the Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indiands (CTSI) and Oregon Oyster Farm to restore native Olympia oysters at Poole Slough in the Yaquina Bay.

Oysters are bivalves which are filter feeders, they can clean up to 50 gallons of water a day, making them a vital part of keeping waterways naturally clean.  TWC, CTSI and Oregon Oyster farm will spread oyster shell along the bottom of the channel.  Juvenile native oyster will settle on this substrate and hopefully reproduce, providing a source population.

Shuck Portland

Portland’s inaugural oyster festival. A week of dining events, lectures and classes to educate and inspire eating sustainable foods, supporting efforts of conservation and building a message of sustainability for the Portland community. All oyster shells were collected from participating events and transported to the coast to support TWC’s effort to seed juvenile oyster spat and encourage native Olympia oyster growth in Yaquina bay.

Thank you to the Shuck Team

Lyf Gildersleeve & Flying Fish Co

Maylin Chavez & Olympia Oyster Bar

Jaret Foster & Tournant

Natalia Toral





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