The Wetlands Conservancy is a leader in Oregon wetland conservation. Our mission is to partner with communities across our state in conserving, enhancing and restoring the physical and ecological values of Oregon’s greatest wetlands for current and future generations.

Past Events

The Wetlands Conservancy Celebrates 40 Years of Wetland Protection

May – TWC’s 40th Year Celebration

This year, The Wetlands Conservancy will host a month long celebration with events culminating in our annual fundraiser.

May 20th Wetlands & Wellies!

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Ready to go on a virtual dig? We’ll join author Langdon Cook and learn how to forage for and prepare a variety of oysters and clams. Learn about our 40 year history, and the work we are doing to protect coastal estuaries in Oregon. Recording 40th Anniversary Celebration w Langdon Cook

May 23rd World Turtle Day Local Artists & Turtle Experts 

Celebrate World Turtle Day with reptilian scientists, live turtles &  artists displaying turtle themed art.

Turtle Scientists Laura Guderyahn and Ashley Smithers will have live turtles on site to talk about native and invasive turtles in our area. 25% of the turtle art sales given to The Wetlands Conservancy. Turtle Talk Clip

Exhibiting Turtle Artists Marta Farris-Metal Sculpture; Emily Miller-Ceramic Hatching Turtles, Sandy Visse-Ceramic Turtles; Candace Wilson-Ceramic Planter Stakes; Jim Wylder-Naked Raku Tiles; Kris Zorko-Handcrafted Books & “Turtle Tales”, the illustrated book by Jan Rimerman will be available for purchase. 

May 8th ~ Photography Class with Russell Tomlin

“Beauty in the Ordinary/Developing a Fine Arts Vision for Wetlands Photography.”  Nature and fine arts photographer Russell Tomlin will work with participants to pursue their individual visions and aesthetics for artistic expression in wetlands photography. TWC Photography Presentation

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Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands – January 10, 2021

Still looking to purchase the Turtle Tales Book from this year’s event?
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World Water Day – March 22nd

If you missed it, see the event recording of  celebrating World Water Day, with a presentation and video from Duncan Berry – The story of life as told by water.
View the Event Recording.



    International Beaver Day – April 7th

If you missed the  presentation by Ben Goldfarb, the author of Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter, listen to the recording of the amazing adaptations and capabilities of these natural engineers. Ben’s presentation recording



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The Wetlands Conservancy is dedicated to the protection and restoration of Oregon’s greatest wetlands.

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Wetlands are vital to our health and the health of our environment. They clean and recharge our water supply, provide critical fish and wildlife habitat, and protect our communities from floods