Rock Paper Turtle Art for Wetlands

Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands

Studio Event & Sale

May 4th, 5th & 6th

Open studio show and sale of 21 different artists from the Pacific Northwest. Studio tour maps are available at the Lakewood Center for the Arts, Lake Oswego Public Library, The Wetlands Conservancy, The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery & Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty. 20% of each art sale will support The Wetlands Conservancy’s work to conserve and enhance wetlands and Western Pond Turtle habitat in Oregon.  



April 19th Cascade Sotheby’s Real Estate Opening Reception, Lake Oswego

All showing artists will have  one piece on display at the opening reception, maps will be available for the studio tour.  A silent auction will open at the reception and continue through May 3rd. The exhibition is open to the public Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm through May 15.


April 30th Lakewood Center for the Arts Exhibition, Lake Oswego

All two dimensional artists participating in Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands will have one piece displayed through June 10th.  


May 4th, 5th & 6th  Studio Sale, multiple locations Lake Oswego and West Linn

Studio events and sales will be in 5 locations, each with multiple artists.  20% of the proceeds will benefit Western Pond Turtle habitat enhancements in Tualatin. Click for map


May 12th  Kids Tour and Art Activity, West Linn

The Wetlands Conservancy will introduce children aged 6-12  to wetlands and Western Pond Turtles.  Kids will have an opportunity to take part in an art project that can be taken home. More info and RSVP.


May 20th   Nyberg Wetland Tour, Tualatin

Tour the wetland and learn about Western Pond Turtles with The Wetlands Conservancy Urban Land Steward. Tours will take place at 11 am and 1 pm.  RSVP now.




What is Rock…Paper…Turtle… Art for Wetlands?

Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands idea began in November 2016, when Jan Rimerman and Dave Haslett began working on their 2017 exhibition schedule.  Jan, a mixed media painter, and Dave, a stone sculptor, planned a show in their studio in West Linn in May.  Little did they know that this show would change their lives as well as that of our local Western Pond Turtles.

After seeing a PBS special on endangered and threatened species in Oregon, Jan became very concerned about Oregon’s Western Pond Turtle.  The documentary explained the shrinking funding of the department of Fish and Wildlife for the threatened species.  The show introduced one lone scientist on his day off using duct taped pop bottles to take the turtle censes and to check their general health.

Rimerman has rescued domestic turtles since her twenties.  These turtles are ones that needed homes whether coming from a humane society or simply due to their owner growing up and attending college.  Jan’s passion has now expanded into saving the Western Pond Turtle at the Nyberg Wetlands in Tualatin while partnering with The Wetlands Conservancy.

A simple 2017 open studio morphed into a private cocktail party reception, a silent auction, a three day open studio, and a happy hour.  Photographer Larry N. Olson and ceramicist Candace Wilson joined Jan and Dave at their studio with several wetland and turtle themed pieces.  At the conclusion of the weekend several hundred people had attended and became aware of the Western Pond Turtle and habitat.

Other artist friends wanted to be involved too.  That became a silent auction of 15 items ranging from original art work, an all day wetlands tour plus lunch to an Argentine Turtle Tango lesson.  The last 10 minutes of the auction people called in from out of town to make sure that they got the top bid.  The Rock…Paper…Turtle…Art for Wetlands event raised close to $5000 for The Wetlands Conservancy to reclaim the Nyberg Wetlands back into desirable Western Pond Turtle habitat.

Western Pond Turtles

The western pond turtle is a small to medium-sized turtle found only on the west coast of the United States of America and Mexico, ranging from western Washington State to northern Baja California. While turtles have persisted for hundreds of millions of years from the time of the dinosaurs, they are now facing a modern extinction crisis worldwide, with half of all turtle species at risk of disappearing.

The Wetlands Conservancy, an Oregon wetland conservation non-profit, is using information about known western pond turtle sites and the habitat types in the Portland Metropolitan area to update management goals and activities at their Nyberg Wetland Preserve in Tualatin Oregon.

Adult turtles can live up to 70 years.  They nest on land and feed, breed and bask in water. They prefer streams, ponds, lakes and permanent wetlands. They favor habitats with large numbers of emergent logs or boulders where they aggregate to bask. In addition to basking areas, turtles are in search of open spaces to warm up their bodies to then lay their eggs.

Last spring TWC, with the help of volunteers, installed several turtle nesting and basking sites at Nyberg Wetland. The preserve was chosen for its distance above the water line, so when the water rises with the fall rains,  the eggs are not submerged.  Western Pond Turtle eggs take 3 to 4 months to incubate.  When the baby turtles hatch they will make their way down to the wetland.

Participating Artists

Art Exhibition & Studio Locations 

1. Cascade Sotheby’s 
310 N State St #102, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Group Show, 9:00am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday

2. Lakewood Center for the Arts 
368 S State St, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Group Show, 9:00am – 7:00pm Monday – Saturday

3. Neptune Studios 
3151 Cottonwood Ct, West Linn, OR 97068
Jan Rimerman, Dave Haslett, Teresa Ruch, Joe Robinson,Ann Munson

4. Garlington Studios 
19619 Sun Circle, West Linn, OR 97068

Bonnie Garlington, Ian Garlington, Elaine Tan

5. Munson Greenhouse Studio CANCELLED Due to Family Emergency

6. The Barn at Sweetbriar Studio 
19835 S Sweetbriar Road West Linn OR 97068

Toni Avery, Mary Burgess, Debby Neely, Molly Reeves, Tom Willing, Susie Cowan, Gia Whitlock, Stuart Adams

7. Lisa Wiser Painting Studio  
2461 Summit Dr, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Lisa Wiser, Jenn Ferrante

8. Jani Hoberg Printmaking Studio 
5836 Suncreek Dr, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Jani Hoberg, Candace Wilson







Artist Top to Bottom: Jan Rimerman, Elaine Tan, Mary Burgess.  Artist Left to Right: Dave Haslett, Ann Munson