Our Statement on Equity

Equity and Justice for People & the Environment

The Wetlands Conservancy recognizes the exclusion and displacement of people that is intricately woven into American history and its conservation movement. Land ownership, and the power it consolidates, works to further racial and social inequities. The Wetlands Conservancy recognizes that conservation must support healthy communities and that resilient ecosystems are only possible when they include people of all identities. The Wetlands Conservancy sees racism and disparities based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation and other identities. Those most affected by wetland degradation are often those most marginalized and disenfranchised in our communities.

The Wetland Conservancy’s mission embraces values and practices that aim to represent all people and treat them with respect. The Wetlands Conservancy strives to bring communities together to find common goals in protecting wetlands. The Wetlands Conservancy wants to ensure clean water for people and wildlife, so all can realize the benefits offered by wetlands, such as mitigating floods, lessening rampant wildfire and counteracting climate change.

We choose to openly engage in an on-going process of active learning and growth, understanding that this work requires a sustained commitment. When we make mistakes along the way, we will do our best to learn and listen with respect and humility. With this statement we are asking our community and each other to hold us accountable for this important and difficult work.

Photo by Russell Tomlin