Ode to Tides Art Exhibit


The Wetlands Conservancy and partners are sponsoring Ode to the Tides, a traveling art exhibit and sale in 2019 to highlight the beauty, ecological, and economic value of near-shore coastal habitats. The exhibit will focus on the plants, animals, and fish that live in estuaries and tide pools where fresh and salt water combine.  The goals of the exhibition are to celebrate the aesthetic and ecological significance of Oregon’s estuaries, tide pools and intertidal habitats, and build a diverse community of Oregonians and coastal visitors to promote protection and conservation for generations to come. 


Ode to The Tides Exhibit Calendar

May 2nd – May 28th, May 2nd Opening Reception 5:00 – 7:00 pm Oregon State University – Giustina Gallery, LaSells Stewart Center, Corvallis OR

June 1st – June 30th, June 1st Opening for Seaside Art Walk, Fairweather Gallery, Seaside OR

August 2nd – September 26th,August 10th & 11th Opening Reception (See events page for times) Newport Visual Arts Center & Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center & Pacific Marine Heritage Center, Newport OR

September 1st – September 28th, September 6th Opening Reception 5:00 – 7:00 pm Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River OR

NOW November – December,November 12th Opening Reception 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Beaverton Library & Beaverton City Hall, Beaverton OR


Ode to the Tides contains original art in a variety of media, created by Northwest artists, and has been displayed at seven venues on the Northern Oregon coast and Willamette Valley from May-December 2019. Ode to the Tides goals are to recognize the aesthetic and ecological significance Oregon’s estuaries, tide pools and intertidal habitats, to spark community and creative interdisciplinary engagement, promote conservation and enhance visitor experience and support of coastal resources and communities. In addition to the exhibition and sales of art to support coastal conservation, each venue will offer scientific programs, student led events, outdoor  and food experiences for visitors throughout the time the show.

Listing of Art in Exhibit

Why Estuaries?

The exhibit  focuses on the plants, animals, fish, land formations and the magic of estuaries and tide pools, the rich mixing zones where freshwater from the land meets salt water from the sea. This blend – also known as brackish water – creates a unique environment with abundant and diverse life. Estuaries gather nutrients from both land and sea, forming an ecosystem that contains more life per square inch than the richest Midwest farmland.  Oregon’s 22 major estuaries are ecologically essential for many fish and wildlife species, including salmon, herring, flounder, crab, oysters, clams, wading birds, ducks, and otters, providing habitat for reproduction, rearing, resting and foraging. 










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Photo Credit: Top: Emily Miller Top left: Bill Shumway,Stacy Adrienne Bottom from left to right: Mike Brown, Marcy Baker, Karen Lewis, Dave Boni Deal, Pam Haunschild