Ode to Tides Art Show

Ode to Tides

The Wetlands Conservancy and partners are sponsoring a 2019 traveling art exhibit and sale to highlight the beauty, ecological and economic value of near-shore coastal habitats.  The exhibit will focus on the plants, animals, fish, land formations and the magic of estuaries and tide pools, the rich mixing zones where freshwater from the land meets salt water from the sea.  All mediums are welcome, including photography.


The exhibit will open at the LaSalle Stewart Center at Oregon State University on May 2, 2019 and close on May 29th, 2019.  The show coordinator will transport artwork to the remaining venues: Fairweather Gallery in Seaside in June/July and the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River in September.


How to Apply & Submit Art   CLOSED

To apply please send an email to Sara Vickerman, Volunteer Curator, svickerman at comcast.net. The application is open and artists are encouraged to apply, preferably by the end of year (2018). Please Include: Name, mailing address, phone number, email address, website (if any). 

The submissions will be reviewed by a small committee.  Judging will be based on the quality of the art, consistency with the theme, and the overall design of the exhibit as a whole.

Art must be completed by mid-April, and delivered to either Oregon State or a specific location in Portland no later than April 26th, 2019


Art Show Specifics

If you choose to submit several pieces for consideration, please understand that the number of pieces must fit the space available. Small pieces work well in sets of 2,3,4 and have the added advantage of being more portable.

Please avoid whimsical or cartoon-type images, generic beach scenes, waves, and iconic images etc as these are quite common in the coastal galleries and don’t exactly fit the theme of Ode to the Tides.

The project will accept almost any media including paintings, drawings, ceramic, glass, fiber, wood, metal, mixed media and photography. Preferably new work, specific for this show.

Wall art may be either framed or un-framed as long as it looks finished. Use simple frames, nothing ornate, and consider using acrylic instead of glass. Finished pieces should be no larger than 40 inches in either direction, including frame, unless special permission is granted in advance. Wall art must be ready to hang with wire attached to the back. Do no use toothed metal hangers.

Thank you Generous Sponsors







Photo Credit: Top: Briton Ogden Poole Slough, Top Right: Jeni Lee, Debby Neely, Dave McIntire Bottom Left: Kamala Dolphin, Pam Haunschild