Volunteer Opportunities


The Wetlands Conservancy relies on volunteers working together to maintain, restore, and survey (aka steward) nearly all our urban properties throughout the seasons. You can join in by volunteering for any of the following work events. Additionally, if you have an idea for a wetland activity, or if you’re just looking for a chance to spend time in a wetland, contact volunteer@wetlandsconservancy.org. We’ll find a way to get you out there!



Bioblitz and Photography at Dawson Creek

Thursday May 25th 9:30-12pm

Join us for a day of discovery at our newest preserve in Hillsboro – Dawson Creek! We’re building a baseline list of plants and animals present at the creek to help shape restoration plans into the future and to help track change over time. Anyone with a smartphone can help. Anyone with any other kind of camera is also encouraged to attend! This wetland is home to owls, eagles, frogs, acorn woodpeckers, lamprey, and beaver, to name just a few resident beauties. Let your inner taxonomist or inner visual artist take control as you wander this wetland with us.


Monthly Cleanup at Minthorn Springs

Saturday, June 10th from 9:30-12pm

Join the dedicated crew of Milwaukie-based volunteers that tends to this beloved wetland by mulching, removing trash, pulling nuisance plants and installing natives while neighbors and community members visit, learn some wetland 101, and chat with TWC staff about this valuable space. 


Braiding reed canary grass at Knez Wetland

Saturday, June 17th 9:30-12pm

Knez wetland in Tigard preserves one of the few remaining tufted hairgrass prairies in the Portland Metro area. Unfortunately, the native shrubs and grasses there are being overrun by nonnative reed canary grass – a common wetland intruder. We’ll experiment with braiding techniques to control the expansion of these tall grasses, create makeshift paths for easier management access, and prevent crowding of other vital species. Everyone is welcome to attend, but it helps if you know how to braid! We’ll also gather some trash and spread some native seed while we’re there.


Father’s day bullfrog wrangle!

Sunday, June 18th 9:30-12pm

Grab your dad, grab a net, and meet us at Nyberg wetland for a day spent chasing and catching bullfrogs. These nonnative amphibians are outpacing our smaller local breeds and eating everything in sight – including other frogs! We’ll spend the day tromping through ponds and gullies to round them up before they start to reproduce in July. Maybe we’ll pick up some trash along the way while we’re at it. Come prepared to get dirty!


Summer Solstice gratitude day

Wednesday, June 21st 4pm-6pm

Join us on the first day of summer at Hart Memorial Wetland for a celebration of the land. Bring a folding chair and a show-and-tell item that helps encapsulate your affinity and gratitude for the natural world. We’ll have snacks and a tent for folks to chat and relax in each others’ company. We also invite attendees to wander and explore grounds on this longest day of the year. 



Amphibian Survey Season:
Certain amphibians are indicators of wetland health. The Wetlands Conservancy collects annual data on urban amphibian populations throughout Washington and Clackamas Counties. Trained community scientists search for and log amphibian egg masses within our wetland preserves. 

In 2022, our team of 72 community scientists logged nearly 1000 total amphibian egg masses. We searched 51 miles of breeding habitat over the course of 28 guided surveys, and now we are scheduled to perform even more!

Guided surveys just ended and we’re tallying up the data now. Stay tuned for our results soon. If you were part of the team, send us your pictures and stories by clicking the blue button below!


Beaver Survey Season 
Beavers are great indicators and sustainers of wetland health. The Wetlands Conservancy collects annual data on urban beaver populations throughout Washington County and beyond. Trained community scientists log signs of beaver activity along creeks and streams between wetland preserves throughout September and October.

In 2022, community scientists logged 82 dams and 24 lodges throughout the Tualatin River Basin. We trained 75 people, performed 18 guided surveys, and covered nearly 28 miles of search area! Check out our observations here as they are uploaded in real time. Our next training for beaver surveys will be in August of 2023.

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