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Mid Coast Eco Tour

Watch salmon spawn, explore a beaver lodge and learn about the importance of beaver creek estuary.  Starting at Brian Booth state park on Ona Beach, walk out to the mouth of the river and discover how sand berms effect the salmon in the estuary.  Then take a trip into the beaver creek system to explore

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Mud Slough Birding and Flower Tour

Willamette Valley wet prairies are among the most endangered habitat types in the state of Oregon, and among the rarest of North American ecosystems. Come tour Mud Slough Wetland with wetland banker Mark Knaupp and TWC Executive Director Esther Lev.  Over the past 24 years Mark has restored 550 acres of Willamette Valley Prairie Wetland. 

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Lake, Wetlands and Kelley Point Park by Bike

Come celebrate Portland’s passion for clean water, biodiversity, sustainable transportation and community with a bike ride hosted by The Wetlands Conservancy and Pedal Bike Tours.  Did you know that there is a 2,000 acre wetland in North Portland?  Smith and Bybee wetland offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the Portland area and we

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Scappoose Bay Nocturnal Kayak Tour

Explore Scappoose creek by the light of the sunset and moon with The Wetlands Conservancys  Urban Land Steward Megan Garvey and Next Adventures Scappoose Bay Kayaks. As the daylight wanes, small night lights are added to your kayak as you paddle in the shimmering bay. In this guided paddle, watch as great blue heron, river

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