Thank you spring 2015 volunteers!

This spring, one hundred and thirty volunteers helped plant 3,850 native trees and shrubs including pacific willow, elderberry, ninebark, and thimbleberry. Our volunteers were as busy as beavers removing mats of invasive reed canarygrass and woody-rooted yellow flag iris as well as taking out more than 2 cubic yards of litter at our Nyberg, Cedar Mill, Gresham Meadowlands, Knez, and Pascuzzi Preserves.

It’s 10am on a Saturday morning, the clouds have broken over small wet woodland, and a red-winged blackbird calls from the summit of a cattail. An all-age line of smiles traipses into the reed canary grass carrying twenty times as many shrub stakes as volunteers. In no time at all, everyone has seen a couple of hawks, herons, and ducks. The sun beams down on a group examining an owl pellet. Live stakes to the tune of 500+ are planted. In a few years many of us will be drawn back to the sites where we worked to see how they are doing. It is impossible not to care for these wetlands after working together with the community to improve them” shared TWC Wetland Steward Heather Chapin.

Heather’s summary provides a colorful description of our successful 2015 winter planting season.

A big thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for a great planting season! Stay tuned for more exciting upcoming opportunities to get involved!

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