Find your wetland spirit plant on one of our preserves!

Which wetland plant are you?


All of the wetland plants have personalities, just like each of our preserves!  Come out and experience first-hand just how special wetlands are through the personalities of unique wetland plants!



The Old Soul



Are you loyal, dependable, and humble?  If so, you are a horsetail.  This ancient plant is evolutionarily older than all of the flowering plants.  It is a hardy, quiet grower, spreads readily via spores, and has a beautiful growth habit.  It has a high silica content and this rough quality is what helped pioneers use this plant to scrub out pots and pans.



The Firecracker



Do you have a wicked sense of humor and a big heart?  If so, you are a nettle!  This prickly plant is a great wetland filter, absorbing minerals from the groundwater.  It’s tricky to handle, but once you know how, it can be used in a wide variety of nourishing dishes from pesto to miso soup to smoothies.



The Giver



Are you generous, caring, and always working to help others?  If so, you are an elderberry!  This large, hollow-stemmed shrub provides food and cover for birds, and bears large bunches of beautiful, delicious fruit with anti-viral properties.  Elderberry syrup is a common cold remedy.

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