World Wetlands Day: Wetlands for our Future

World Wetlands Day commemorates the ‘Convention of Wetlands’ an international intergovernmental treaty that was established on February 2, 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar.  The treaty was created in response to the increasing loss and degradation of wetland habitats that are critical to migratory birds.  The international treaty promotes the worldwide preservation and sustainable use of wetlands for wildlife and people.

This year, in celebration of World Wetlands Day, the Ramsar convention is hosting a photo competition. Anyone 15-24 years old from any place in the world can submit a photo. The winner will receive a flight to their wetland of choice, anywhere in the world!  To enter, take a picture of your favorite wetland with your phone or digital camera between February 2 and March 2, 2015. To submit your photo or vote for other submissions, visit the Ramsar Convention Secretariat’s World Wetlands Day 2015 website. http://www.ramsar.org/activity/world-wetlands-day-2015

To be a part of TWC’s local celebration of World Wetlands Day, join us at one of our preserves February 21st and 28th to plant native shrubs and trees. Click here for more information about our upcoming World Wetlands planting events: http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/?l=Portland%2C+OR%2C+USA&k=wetlands&searchOpps=

More Links about World Wetland Day

Ramsar World Wetlands Day website: http://www.ramsar.org/activity/world-wetlands-day-2015

Find out why wetlands are such a critical ecosystem type here: http://www.ramsar.org/sites/default/files/ramsar_factsheet_wetland-care_1_en.pdf

Learn about how many more wetlands are left here: http://www.ramsar.org/sites/default/files/ramsar_factsheet_disappearing-act_3_en.pdf

Take action and find out what you can do to help wetlands here: http://www.ramsar.org/sites/default/files/ramsar_factsheet_action_4_en.pdf

Check out the most important wetlands in the world (otherwise known as Ramsar sites) here: http://www.ramsar.org/sites-countries

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