Worth a Dam

May 25th, 2016 7-9 pm at Oregon Public House Village Ballroom

Come join us for a beer and celebrate wetlands and beavers of the West.

Beaver, our beloved state animal is woefully misunderstood and blamed for many of our urban water issues.  Dr. Heidi Perryman formed Worth A Dam to defend the beavers in her hometown of Martinez CA in 2008. The beaver dams soon brought otter, steelhead, wood duck and mink to an urban stream, and she saw firsthand why urban beavers matter. She became interested in helping other cities learn how and why to co-exist with beavers in urban areas. Since 2008 she has organized an annual beaver festival that has inspired similar efforts in 5 states and Canada. As the West faces more drought years, she believes it is more important than ever to coexist with these important ‘water savers’. Beaver can play a central role in shaping our future, particularly in resuscitating our wetland and riparian stream habitats as we prepare for the changes that a warming climate may bring.





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