The Wetlands Conservancy is a leader in Oregon wetland conservation.

Our mission is to partner with communities across our state in conserving, enhancing and restoring the physical and ecological values of Oregon’s greatest wetlands for current and future generations.

Since 1981, we have worked in partnership to protect Oregon’s greatest wetlands with these key strategies:


The Wetlands Conservancy is dedicated to the protection and restoration of Oregon’s greatest wetlands.

Clean Water Act: Major Rule Change Alert

On Monday June 22nd, through a rollback of the 2015 “Waters of the United States” rule, many wetlands and waterways ...
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The Wetlands Conservancy builds community, creating strong, long-lasting relationships within our organization and with our diverse partners.

Wild Clam Ceviche Recipe!

This fabulous recipe was served at Wetlands & Wellies by Blue Siren Shellfish and Olympia Oyster Bar chef Maylin Chavez ...
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Wetlands are vital to our health and the health of our environment. They clean and recharge our water supply, provide critical fish and wildlife habitat, and protect our communities from floods
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Be a Champion for Oregon’s Wetlands

Join Today! From weakening of federal protections, to development pressures and a warming climate, the threats to Oregon’s wetlands have ...
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